Fly to Russia for installation & Debugging
saimansi 2023-10-16T02:18:59.000+0000

  On October 9th, 2023, our engineer Liang rushed to Shanghai Airport to fly to Russia to help the customer install and debug the machines purchased from us, 2 CNC nylon tube bending machines. This is his first time to be abroad, and he is alone and he can not speak any foreign language. Let us read the diary of this trip with him.图片10

图片11On the day of departure, after arriving at the airport, Mr. Liang reported his itinerary along the way, and our group colleagues promptly provided him with directions via mobile. When he arrived at the destination airport the next day, Mr. Liang and the customer arranged for pick him up meet up smoothly. 




Work started on the afternoon of October 10th, and the equipment installation, debugging and training were carried out. The task was successfully completed on October 13th. Installation & debugging, including training employees, took total 3 days. He returned to the company safely on October 15th. Completed this trip perfectly with help from both companies and team partners.









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