Traditional Crafts of Bending for Auto Nylon Tubes
saimansi 2023-10-10T08:54:01.000+0000

Thermoformed Nylon tubes have been used in the automotive industry for a long time. According to actual application requirements, nylon tubes often need to be bent at different angles in different directions. In traditional crafts, nylon tubes are usually first shaped and then heated. That is, a metal mold with a specific curvature is first made according to the shape of the nylon tubes to be formed, and then place the unbent nylon tube into the mold and heat them together, finally the mold is cooled down before opening it, the nylon tube is formed into a specific shape.




   This traditional craft has been used in the automotive field for many years, but it still has many shortcomings due to its craft. First of all, specific metal molds need to be developed, so the new product development cycle is long; specific metal molds can only be used for one specification of nylon tubes and cannot be used universally, so the mold investment cost is high; a large-power forming furnace needs to be equipped, which consumes high energy ; the production process is complicated, requiring cutting, manual placement of each piece into the mold, followed by heating at high temperatures for 15- minutes. After cooling down, the pieces are manually removed. This process is time-consuming and requires a large number of personnel to operate.wps_doc_10


In order to address the aforementioned issues, a new automatic thermoforming machina for nylon pipes has been developed. This not only saves space, but also significantly reduces energy consumption, labor costs, and metal mold investment costs. Additionally, it improves production efficiency, accelerates the development cycle of new products, and ensures the quality of bended nylon tubes.


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