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About Us

Saimansi, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Boshite Group Co., Ltd., specializes in providing kinds of post-processing machines for nylon tubes used in automobile field, such as nylon tube bending machines, nylon tube end forming machines, nylon tube tightness testing machines, nylon tube tape automatic winding machines and the others, applied for all range diameter of nylon tube used in automobile field. 

Our Advantage

Saimansi is the world’s leading manufacturer of nylon tubes bending machine for auto market, we breaks the traditional craft and opens the miracle of transformation on Thermoforming of nylon tubes. To use our nylon tube bending machine, that can save 4.24 million yuan/year compared with traditional crafts if bending 10 million pcs tubes/year. Saimansi has already established strategic partnerships with the automotive fluid pipeline suppliers in the worldwide. 

We pursue innovation, to make the complicated simpler...

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